Individual with backgrounds in Physics, Materials science, Electrical engineering, Physical Chemistry, and related areas can join the FMD Group. If you have interest in condensed matter physics, low dimensional systems, device fabrication, material and device characterization (electrical and magnetic), programming (micromagnetic, python, or similar), instrumentation, etc., the group can be a good choice for you. Prior research experiences in these field will be preferred.

As a researcher in the group you need to be intellectually curious, safety-conscious in the experimental laboratories, methodical approach, ethical, self-motivated, with good communication skills, capable of working effectively in collaboration with colleagues/collaborators, and with a good personality to fit for the group.

We encourage underrepresented individuals in science and engineering to apply to join the group


A. PhD studentships:

IISER TVM invites applications for its integrated PhD and PhD programs from highly motivated candidates.

Self-funded (e.g. NET/GATE qualified) PhD students are encouraged to apply throughout the year.

Topic: New insights into the ions, charges, and spins manipulations in nanostructured functional oxides for neuromorphic computing

All interested students are highly encouraged to consult with Tuhin Maity to discuss about PhD opportunities.

B. Post-Doctoral Positions:

If you have a PhD degree and interested in joining the group as a Post-Doctoral researcher, please apply for SERB-funded or UGC funded opportunities. Please consult with Tuhin Maity before applying.