Individuals with backgrounds in Physics, Materials science, Electrical engineering, Physical Chemistry, and related areas can join the FMD Group. If you have an interest in condensed matter physics, low dimensional systems, device fabrication, material and device characterization (electrical and magnetic), programming (micromagnetic, python, or similar), instrumentation, etc., the group can be a good choice for you. Prior research experiences in these fields will be preferred.

As a researcher in the group, you need to be intellectually curious, safety-conscious in the experimental laboratories, methodical approach, ethical, self-motivated, with good communication skills, capable of working effectively in collaboration with colleagues/collaborators, and with a good personality to fit for the group.

We encourage underrepresented individuals in science and engineering to apply to join the group



A. PhD studentships (School of Physics):

Topic: Quantum Materials, Spintronics, Oxide memristors for Non-volatile memory (NVM)

B. PhD studentships (CAMRIE): Co-supervised by Dr Lynette Keeney from Tyndall National Institute, Ireland

Topic: Spintronics and Quantum Materials

The candidate should have an outstanding track record of studies in condensed matter physics, physical chemistry, electrical engineering, or a closely related area and a strong interest in experimental physics. Ideally, he/she should have previous experience in materials engineering. A solid background in experimental nanoscience is an asset.

B. PhD studentships (Throughout the year): NET-qualified JRF candidates can apply directly to Dr Tuhin Maity at any time of the year.

All interested students are highly encouraged to consult with Tuhin Maity to discuss PhD opportunities well in advance.

Short term project

C. BS-MS Project:

  1. IISER-TVM students with an outstanding track record of studies can apply for their final year project. Students can contact us in their 4th year.

  2. External students from reputed institutes can apply for long-term projects. The student needs to pay for the institute fees.

  3. A limited number of minor projects are available for IISER-TVM students.

  4. A limited number of short-term projects are available.

We do not take students who have not completed 5 semesters or 2.5 years of Bachelor's degree.

Post Doctoral Fellowship

We are interested to host externally funded fellows. Please consult with Dr Tuhin Maity well in advance.

D. Post-Doctoral Positions:

No funded Post-Doctoral position is available.

The group can host externally funded fellows.