22.12.2022: The group attended IUMRS 2022 conference in IIT Jodhpur. PhD and iPhD students presented their work and get a chance to meet and interact with Prof Judith Driscoll.

19.12.2022: Tuhin joined his mentor Prof Judith Driscoll from Cambridge at IUMRS 2022 conference in IIT Jodhpur. She received MRSI Silver Jubilee International Medal. 

26.11.2022: Manisha and Wasim have received international travel grants to attend  International Workshop on Advanced Materials (February 19-21, 2023) in RAK, UAE.

30.11.2022: Dr Tuhin Maity of the School of Physics has received the “Royal Society International Exchange Award” with Dr Giuliana Di Martino of the University of Cambridge for a project on a new magneto-ionic memory. This award will  stimulate novel research on the emerging area of energy efficient RAM for the next two years and bilateral visits to strengthen collaborations between IISER-TVM and the University of Cambridge.

20.02.2022: Tuhin has joined his old group Driscoll Group at the University of Cambridge for the summer. He gave a talk there on 'Exchange bias at the interface of LSMO and BTO'.

Image: Tuhin with Prof. Judith Driscoll

25.04.2022: Manisha and Wasim won Frontier Symposium in Physics 2022 (FS-PHY 2022).

21.02.2022: Director Prof. J. N. Moorthy inaugurated our Functional Materials & Devices (FMD) Lab

14.01.2022:  Manisha Bansal's poster has been selected as a Best Poster Winner for the 2022 Joint MMM-Intermag Conference

01.01.2022: We have received SERB Start-up Research Grant (SRG).