Manisha Bansal

Manisha is a Prime Minister's Research Fellow (PMRF) and started her Ph.D. at the School of Physics, IISER TVM in 2020. Before joining IISER TVM she completed her M.Sc. from IIT Guwahati and B.Sc. from the University of  Delhi. She is working on magneto-electric materials for energy-efficient Non-volatile memory (NVM). She is a student member of IEEE Magnetic Society.

Ph.D. in Physics: (present) - IISER-Trivandrum under Dr. Tuhin Maity

Masters in Physics (2018-2020) - Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India

B.SC. in Physics (2015-2018) - Miranda House, University of Delhi, India

• Received Prime Minister's Research Fellowship 2021

CSIR NET 2020, AIR-60

• GATE 2020, AIR-162

• JEST 2020, AIR-320

• IIT JAM Physics 2018, AIR-242

Material science and nano-science

6.  Table-like magnetocaloric effect due to inter-cluster interactions in Eu0.5Sr0.5MnO3-EuMnO3 composites

W Akram, M de h-Ora, M Bansal, R Mukhopadhyay, J MacManus-Driscoll and T Maity (Accepted in Journal of Physics D)

5.  Magnetic Stress-driven Metal-insulator Transition in Strongly Correlated Antiferromagnetic CrN

B Biswas , S Rudra , R S Rawat, N Pandey , S Acharya , A Joseph , A I K Pillai , M Bansal, M de h-Óra, A B Dey, F Bertram, C Narayana , J

MacManus-Driscoll , T Maity , M Garbrecht and B Saha  Physical Review Letters 131 (12), 126302 (2023)

4.  Evolution of inverse magnetocaloric effect for Random Field to Spin Glass crossover in SmCaCoMnO6-SmMnO3 composite

W Akram!, M Bansal!, R P Pradeep, Aswathi K, S Kumar Giri,* and T Maity†  (!-Equal contribution first author) Physical Review B 107, 224403 (2023)

3.  Role of surface defects in the third order nonlinear optical properties of pristine NiO and Cr doped NiO nanostructures

P Soumya Menon, Jibi Kunjumon, Manisha Bansal, Sutheertha S Nair, C Beryl, G Vinitha, Tuhin Maity, Priya Mary Abraham, D Sajan, Reji Philip

Ceramics International (2022)

2. Structural, Third Order Nonlinear and Magnetic Properties of Pristine and Ni-doped CuO nanoparticles: Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

P. Soumya Menon, Jibi Kunjumon, Ayona K Jose , Aleena P.A, Manisha Bansal, G.Vinitha, Tuhin Maity, Priya Mary Abraham, D.Sajan, Sajan D. George

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 650, 129582 (2022)

1.  Tuning magnetocaloric effect by optimizing thickness induced 3D strain state

S Giri, W Akram, M Bansal, and T Maity

Physical Review B 104 (22), 224432  (2021)

•  Won poster award in the IISER-TVM's Frontier Symposium in Physics 2022 (FS-PHY 2023).

•  Received international travel grant for Annual International Workshop on Advanced Materials (IWAM) in RAK-UAE.

•  Won poster award in the IISER-TVM's Frontier Symposium in Physics 2022 (FS-PHY 2022).

 Won best poster award in the 2022 Joint MMM-Intermag Conference.

• Received Prime Minister's Research Fellowship 2021.

Selected to receive $5,000 educational seed funding from the IEEE Magnetics Society. The funding is for a collaborative project with Louise Colfer/Dr. Lynette Keeney from Tyndall National Institute (Ireland). 

• Secured 3rd position in the competition 3 minutes concept at Iridescence 2017 organised by Vidyut, The Physics Society at Miranda House, University of Delhi.

• Worked on a project (2016) - Cardboard Piano using Arduino at D.S. Kothari Centre for Research and Innovation in Science Education, Miranda House, University of Delhi.

• Completed one week in the "INSPIRE Internship programme-2013" organised by Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, Department of Science and Technology.

• Awarded by Directorate Of Education Govt Of Nct Delhi in State Level Science and Environment for children (2012) for a model on a theme -Mathematical Modelling.

• Awarded in Science Exhibition on green energy (2011 and 2012) organised by Directorate Of Education Govt Of Nct Delhi.

Writing poems, Reading books, Swimming and Dancing