Functional Materials & Devices Lab


FMD Lab at a Glance

'Atom to Device'

Functional Materials & Devices Laboratory is based in the School Of Physics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM), India. Our research is strategically focused on three main research themes: New Functional Materials, Device Applications, and Sustainability. The group and the institute are home to a wide range of thin-film growth and nanofabrication equipment as well as a diverse suite of magnetic, electronic, and structural characterization techniques. Our present research encompasses fundamental research in materials engineering, spintronics, ion-tronics, and Quantum Materials.


We have three PhD positions in the following areas: Quantum Materials, and Spintronics

Candidate must have CSIR or UGC JRF.

Starting December 2023   ||  Application Link  || Contact Dr. Tuhin Maity for more details

08.10.2023: New paper accepted in Journal of Physics D. Congratulation to Wasim for his third first author paper.

23.09.2023: New paper accepted in Physical Review Letters in collaboration with Bivas Saha from JNCASR. Excellent collaborative team effort from different institutes from all over the world. Experimentally proven a new metal-insulator phase transition (MIT) by simultaneous structural and magnetic phase transition which was theoretically predicted 20 years ago. Physical Review Letters 131 (12), 126302 (2023)

01.09.2023: Sai Karthikey Bhat has joined the group as a PhD student in the School of Physics at IISER TVM. He will be carrying out research into Neuromorphic memory. 

28.07.2023: Tuhin received prestigious alumni status of  the Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

28.07.2023: Tuhin spent with Prof Judith Driscoll and Dr Giuliana Di Martino’s group (University of Cambridge) in June and July 2023 to continue our collaborative work together in magnetoelectrics. We are grateful for a Royal Society collaborative grant.

19.06.2023: Manisha Bansal is visiting Cambridge for 5 months to work on a ReRAM project with Dr Giuliana Di Martino's group under Royal Society Intenational Exchange Project.

Image: Manisha in front of Newton's apple tree at Trinity College.

06.06.2023: Riya Pathak has joined the group as a PhD student in the Centre for Advanced Materials Research with International Engagement (CAMRIE) at IISER TVM. She will be carrying out research into Quantum Materials for functional device applications. 

05.06.2023: New paper published in Physical Review B on magneto caloric. Congratulation to Wasim and Manisha.

25.05.2023: Tuhin has become Life Member of Materials Research Society of India (MRSI)

01.05.2023: Tuhin has published a new paper in APL Materials on voltage control of magnetism for memory and neuromorphic applications in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. 

20.02.2023: The group attended the 14th Annual International Workshop on Advanced Materials (IWAM) in RAK-UAE and presented their works. They had a great time meeting eminent scientists, attending talks, royal banquet dinner, and enjoying RAK and Dubai.

19.12.2022: Tuhin joined his mentor Prof Judith Driscoll from Cambridge at IUMRS 2022 conference in IIT Jodhpur. She received MRSI Silver Jubilee International Medal. 

30.10.2022: Dr Tuhin Maity of the School of Physics has received the “Royal Society International Exchange Award” with Dr Giuliana Di Martino of the University of Cambridge for a project on a new magneto-ionic memory. This award will stimulate novel research on the emerging area of energy-efficient RAM for the next two years and bilateral visits to strengthen collaborations between IISER-TVM and the University of Cambridge.