Rajatava Mukhopadhyay

Rajatava is a final year integrated masters student at IISER Thiruvananthapuram. He joined the institute in 2018. He is currently working on the “Investigation of Antiferromagnetic Spintronics in Functional Materials”.

Apart from research, Rajatava is trained in Indian classical music and has taken part in state level competitions and television shows. He is also interested in travel, chess and football.

Education: Integrated BS-MS (Major - Physics): IISER Thiruvananthapuram (2018 - present)

  • Research Interests: Spintronics, Multiferroic Materials, Quantum Materials, Magnetic Monopoles

  • Academic Achievements/ Selected Awards:

  1. Recipient of JBNSTS Junior Scholarship (2016 - 2018)

  2. Recipient of DST INSPIRE (SHE) Fellowship (2018-2023)

  3. Recipient of Students’ Travel Grant for MAA MathFest, Chicago (2017)

  4. (competitive)

  5. Recipient of Exceptional Student Grant, Patha Bhavan (2017) (competitive)

  • Contact: rajatava18@iisertvm.ac.in